Monday, July 30, 2012

Girls Weekend

I have some of the best friends on the planet. No seriously, you could argue with me, present your besties and try to compete but you would lose. I know it sounds rude, maybe a little harsh but my girls are amazing. I love them. I got to spend extra time with 2 of them this weekend.

This weekend, our hubbies, who are all pretty awesome themselves, took over our homes and the responsibility of taking care of the kiddos and let us skip town for a night. The girls and I headed out early afternoon on Saturday and headed to palm springs.

We went to the pool, we had dinner and watched a great band, had lots of girl talk and shopped the outlets. It was amazing. And much needed.

Sometimes, we just need time to be with the girls. To talk to adults.To get away from the chaos of everyday life and enjoy our friendships. No working, no cleaning. Just being us. Having fun. It was wonderful.

Here are some fun shots from our weekend.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Birthday Talk over Coffee.


Hey there? Are you ready for our weekly coffee? I am. This has been another busy week. I know you are probably starting to wonder if I ever have weeks that aren't busy and my answer is, I have two toddlers. Take that however you will but if you are a momma, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.

So, if we were to have coffee today, I wouldn't have a ton to talk about. Maybe a few updates but things are pretty much the same around here. I may have a few updates every here and there but nothing really significant.

I may talk to you a little bit about party planning though. Talon's second birthday is next month and this mommy is in denial. I don't want him to grow up. I'm struggling with it big time. They are only babies for so long. P.S. I know he has been a toddler for sometime now but that's our secret, he still thinks he is a baby and we are gonna keep it that way. You don't tell him and I won't tell yours that Santa is fake, deal?

So birthdays, in the short of things, they suck. They are a reminder that our babies are growing up. Today he is 2, tomorrow he will be 5 and the next year he will be in college. Wahhh! I don't even want to talk about it.

If we were to have coffee, I would tell you that as much as I struggle with their birthdays, I do love birthdays too. I love big parties for my kids. They are a hassle and I sometimes complain about how many people are on the guest list but truthfully I kind of love it. I love celebrating them. Celebrating their lives. That they are here with me. They are little miracles. Both of them. I came so close to losing both of them.

I would tell you their stories. Talon's was written about. A lot. I had a blog and an active facebook and I shared his story, I asked for prayer. With Rhi, there was no blog here. And honestly, I was too scared to ask for prayer. My first miscarriage was too fresh. I couldn't bear to lose another. I couldn't tell anyone about it. But Steven and I prayed. We prayed really hard and within an hour all bleeding, clotting and cramping stopped. I never had another problem in that pregnancy. The bible tells us that when God will never give us more than we can handle and He held true to that promise. So with that, I would tell you that birthdays are a big deal around here.

How are you all doing this week? Anything fab happen? Any birthdays out there? Please do share.

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Monday, July 23, 2012


Today was supposed to be a shop update. I made a new product last week that I have been wanting to make for a while now.

Canvas and Leather Messenger bags. I made a few and took them to Penelope Lane Boutique in Long Beach on Saturday. Before I could do a photoshoot or list them in the shop, they sold out. I even got orders for some because they watched people snag theirs before they could grab them. Holy moly man!

That being said, there will be no shop update today. Instead, I want to tell you about how blessed I felt walking away from the boutique.

I always leave shows so excited, having met people I chat with on twitter. Connecting with people I have met at other shows or am meeting for the first time. I am so filled with joy when friends come out. I have a few friends that make it to nearly every show, just to stop by, say hello and the unspoken words of I believe in you and support you. My heart is always so full.

This show was extra special. I had two of you, my readers, stop by my booth. I know that when I write here, that you are out there but meeting people in person always amazes me. There are real people out there, that come here to hear what I have to say. This humbled me. Like big time.

Who am I that anyone would come and read? It was a reminder that I have a voice. That my God has given me an arena to share His name. To speak truth and give witness to what He has done and is doing. Humbled. Blessed. Overjoyed.

As I walked away from the boutique, I knew that it wasn't about the sales. That it isn't about numbers or pageviews here. It isn't about me, or the words I type. It all comes back to Him. He has used me and this little blog in mighty ways. He will continue to do that. Even in my random posts, He will move. Our God is good like that. He can use us when we don't even know we are being used.

So here I am, a vessel. Ready to do His will.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Coffee anyone?

Good morning friends. Today is going to be a good day. You know those days you just wake up and feel refreshed. Today is that day for me.

If we were to have coffee today, I would tell you that it's not that I got a ton of sleep. I didn't. I have two toddlers who come in my bed. A good nights sleep is not in the books for me. Not right now.

It's more of a weight lifted off my shoulders. I have been so stressed lately. I have been a big procrastinator. And it took it's toll this week.

Somehow it slipped my mind that I changed my business name and I needed to update my business to reflect the new name. I'm a genius right? So on Monday, I ordered business cards. I have a show this Saturday. What on earth was I thinking. No way they would get here on time right? Wrong. A friend recommended , I ordered my cards on Monday afternoon and they got here yesterday. I was thrilled. They are beautiful. Do you have a business? Use them. Seriously. They were awesome.

Then I needed a new sign. So I put hubby and our good friend on that project. I died when they brought in the finished product. These guys are skilled. After I showed you this picture...

..I would let you in on a little secret that said friend and his beautiful wife are starting a handmade biz of their own. One that we have been pushing them to start for a while now. I would make sure not to spill any of the details on their product line though. I'll let them spill the beans on the awesomeness.

But that is a enough business talk. We are here to relax right? To just chit-chat.

I would tell you how utterly excited I am about where we stand in foster care. Our paperwork has been handed over to our adoption worker. We are expecting a call this week or early next week to schedule our home study. After that it is really only a matter of time. I can't handle my anxiousness at times. I have baby fever badly and a little one is so close to being in our home.

I would tell you how much fun I have been having with our kiddos at home. They are both at such fun ages. Talon is starting to talk to me in sentences paragraphs. The child is so ahead of the game. He cracks me up. Rhiannon is growing up so fast. It makes me a little sad but at the same time I am so proud of the girl she is becoming. She is so sweet. Her heart is so huge. And she loves learning about Jesus. It warms my heart.

I could brag and chat about my kids all afternoon though. So let's stop here so that you can tell me what's going on with you.

Remember, there are threaded comments, feel free to respond to eachother. Make it a girls day at coffee today.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Little Dancer

Rhiannon had her first dance recital. I about died. The girl had me in tears at both the recital and the rehearsal.

First up, Friday night. She had her dress rehearsal. From the time her make-up was on I was a mess. The girl is beautiful and growing up and I kind of hate it. We get there and I have to leave her up front. By herself...well with her class and a teacher. But without me, her momma. I got to sit in on the rehearsal, I could see everything she was doing up there. She didn't need me guys! She sat up there the whole time. She didn't come to me at all. She didn't try to find me or come running when she saw me. She was self-reliant. She ate her dinner and snacks, played with the toys I left her and was ridiculously well behaved. I was proud. 

Next night, recital. I cannot even tell you how cute she was. How her beauty brought me to tears. How her dancing for Jesus, knowing she was bringing joy to His heart, overwhelmed me. I cannot express the happiness this child brought me. I can show you though. Pardon the photo overload. Oh and enjoy the cutest video you ever did see.




Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I Wore {last} Wednesday

Every year for 4th of July I try to be patriotic. Every year I find an outfit, put it on and think "what a cheeseball". I abort the patriotic outfit mission and wear something comfy.

This year I decided, I'm going for it. Keep it simple, not so red white and blue. Not so I look like I am trying to be the actual flag. Just basic. Blue and Red.

I don't know how patriotic I looked. But I liked the outfit and called it 4th of July.

Dress: Target
Shoes: Nordstrom
Earrings: Made by me with Supplies from Pick Your Plum

4th of July Photo Dump

At the beginning of last week, my fear of how my kids would act for fourth of July started to build. As a kid I was terrified of fireworks. I didn't mind seeing them...from a distance but the noise scared me to death.

Luckily that trait is not genetic. 4th of July came and went, a while ago I know, and the kids did great. We had an amazing time with friends and family celebrating the freedom we are so blessed to have.

This was by far the funnest (is that a word?) 4th of July we have had to date. The kids could use a little bit of fear of the fireworks but all in all it was an amazing day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

It's a Date

This sunday was the first time in a long time that Steven and I had a whole day to ourselves. Not working. Not Doing stuff for the kids. Just time to enjoy each other.

We had breakfast with the kids and then dropped them off with one of our favorite couples ever. Who blessed our socks off by keeping the kids from 10am- almost 9pm. We spent the day shopping. Yes, my husband enjoys shopping with me. Eat your hearts out ladies.

Top: Forever21
Trousers: Nordstrom
Sandals: Target
Cardi: No clue, it magically appeared in my closet.

Rhiannon who wanted to tell daddy Cheese
Top: Old Navy
Everything else: Target

Then we came home and changed. He napped while I got ready. It was a dream day for him haha. We went to dinner at Yard House and then the movie. We had so much fun together.
 Coral Tank:Nordstrom Rack
Black Tank: Forever21
Jeans: Nordstrom Rack
Necklace: Local Boutique
Wedges: Milano Shoes

Through out the day we got these pictures text to us. It was so exciting to see how well our kids were doing through out the day. To know that they were having fun with friends.

In two weeks we get to return the favor and watch our friends girls. I am so so so excited to fill up the day with lots of fun stuff for us all to do.

 pleated poppy

Monday, July 2, 2012

Happily Ever After

Today marks six years of being married to my hubby. Six years of bliss... Don't we all wish that statement was true? That we had a princess fairytale happily ever after, rainbows and unicorns, perfect life after our I dos?

Truth is, marriage is work. Just like any relationship. We have to work at it and work hard. Most days, things are wonderful. Some days are okay. And some days I want to ignore every last one of his phone calls. Oh yeah, things just got real. Some days, things are not easy.

Wow, what a great anniversary post Kristen, tell us all your marital problems. Just give me a second. I'm going somewhere with this.

My husband and I have a great marriage. Like for reals, we are cheesy and cute and all things annoying to most single people. We are happy. We are in love.

My husband and I disagree. We sometimes argue. On occasion there is a slammed door and a "just don't talk to me right now".

The last two statements seem like they came from different people, I know. Here's the thing, we grow up watching Disney movies that portray this magical marriage. We meet our prince and ride off in carriage to live happily ever after.


And that's just not how it works. We each have our own opinions. We have our own personalities. Our own strengths and our own weakness. If we were made exactly like our husbands, we wouldn't need them and vice versa.

I look at my husband and at myself and seriously, God could not have designed a better man than Steven for me. Everywhere that I fall short, sure enough that man strives. As annoying as that can be, it really works out to an advantage in our marriage.

 I like to plan, Steven likes spontanaity. I am a worrier and Steven is more carefree. He likes to be early, I run late. We balance eachother out in so many ways.

But we are similar in all the areas that matter. I like to be spoiled and he likes to spoil. Ha. I'm kind of kidding. Joking aside, we are passionate about the same things. We love our kids more than life. We strive to live according to God's plan. We work well together.

What I am saying is this, there's a reason the movies stop as the princess rides off into the sunset. What follows, is not always pretty. But what the film makers don't realize is that in all of that messiness of marriage, something so much more beautiful is born.

Coming together changes you. least for us, for the better. Our weakness are altered by the strengths of our spouse. Where we fall short, they pick up the slack. Our love matures. It turns into a love that you don't see in a googley eyed Cinderella.

There is so much more behind it. There is a romance that isn't shown in rose petals and crowns. Marriage is tough but people, our spouses are worth it.


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