Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood

"My turn to pick" 

 "No, my turn to pick"


This conversation goes down a lot at our house. My kiddos love tv. They are only allowed an hour or so of television a day. Most days. So when it comes to who chooses the shows, they take it serious. One is two, one is four. One a girl, one a boy. So as you can imagine, their tastes in t.v. are a bit different.

This mom needed some relief. A break from the remote control battles. So you can imagine my excitement when they found a show they both love. You can not even begin to imagine how much more excited I was when I found that the show taught great character traits and had education benefits. Insert big happy mommy face her. Woo Hoo!!!!!!

So the show? Let me tell you about this show. So stinkin' cute.

We were lucky enough to sneak peek the show at Pretend City on Saturday. Like I said we all loved it. If you follow me on Instagram, @vesselhandmade , you would have seen a super excited Rhi giving two thumbs up.

The show is the first one produced by the Fred Rogers Company since Mr. Rogers neighborhood. You can hear similarities in the theme song, which was super fun for us reminiscent parents. The main character is Daniel Striped Tiger's (from Mr. Rogers) 4 year old son. Daniel goes on adventures using fun songs to reinforce the shows themes. He also talks directly to the kids in order to encourage them to interact and figure things out for themselves. 

The show is fun and catchy. The morals and positive character traits are strong. Oh and if you are a handmade or crafty mom like myself you will also appreciate things like the uber cute bunting they hung for Daniel's birthday's the little things.

The sneak peek had us pumped to go home and watch the show that premiered this Monday, Labor Day on PBS. You can go here to see air times in your area. Seriously, if you have preschoolers or toddlers, you will want to check out this show. Let us know what you think.

Some other scenes from our day at Pretend City.

We have been to a few PBS Kids events at Pretend City. When they partner, you don't want to miss it. Too much fun!

**I have been compensated for this review. However, my opinions are my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.


  1. Baylee watches the preview on our PBS kids app and loves it! Still need to take my kids to Pretend City! Looks like you guys had a blast.

  2. Oh wow! Mine counted down the days and minutes till it premiered on Monday and she is in love!!

    1. How cute! It seems like everyone I have talked to loves it.

  3. My kids are 2 and 4 and a girl and a boy also. So I know what you mean about the TV fights! This show looks really cute and I will have to DVR it for them to see. One of the only shows my children agree on is Leap Frog's Letter Factory. From watching it they have both learned all their letters and their sounds(Even my 2 year old!). I love when my children fall in Love with good educational shows.

    1. Too funny that we have kids the same age and genders.
      We love Letter Factory around here. My oldest has known her letter sounds for what seems like forever and the (just turned) two year old almost knows his alphabet.



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