Thursday, August 23, 2012

Talon is Two!

Last week I asked a bunch of you what the hardest year was for you regarding your kiddos birthday. The reason I asked is that my little man turns 2 today. And y'all, 2 kills this mama. Looking through pictures, I think I know why.

In such a short time they change so much. I don't know if there will ever be such a dramatic change in so little time.

Talon is still my sweet little baby boy in so many ways. In others, not so much. The sweetness still remains but he is so grown up.

My big boy can:
  • Walk (obvs)
  • Talk mostly in sentences with the occasional paragraph
  • Count to 13
  • Climb like no other
  • Throw a ball, make baskets playing basketball
  • Semi-dress himself
  • Lots and lots more.

I love the age and stages that Talon is at. (Other than the word no.) But two is emotionally tough on this mama. I don't want to see him grow up. Today he is two, tomorrow 5 and then off to college. Ahhh! Just stop.


  1. Handsome boy! Happy birthday little man! Continue to follow in your parents footsteps, follow God! Trust in Him, be an amazing fearful man of God! Little guy, your gonna do great things! You have two parents who love you more than wrds can say, your off to such a fantastic start! Love you mister Talon!



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