Friday, August 24, 2012

Coffee Date; Following God's Call

If we were to have coffee today, you would see me beaming with joy. I would also have a party crasher with me. I would tell you that he was our new foster baby and you would be amazed out how beautiful and well behaved he is.

I would tell you how our prayer life lately has been consumed with him and his birth parents. How we are praying relentlessly for them. I would also ask you to be praying for them. That God would do a work in all of them. That He would use this.

If we were to sit down for coffee, I would tell you how my little family is being strengthened and blessed more than we could have imagined. I would talk to you about how every time we think we are doing something to bless someone else, to help someone in need, God turns around and uses it to do a work in us. He always seems to use our ministry to minister to us.

If we were to sit down for coffee, I would encourage you to pursue something that God has put on your heart. I would tell you that any fears you have, He will conquer. That any doubts you have, He will cover. Any burdens the call may have, He will carry.

When we go into our coffee date, I may not know where you are in your walk. I probably wouldn't know the call that God has put on your heart. What I would know is that whatever it is and where ever you are, God will walk you through it. He will carry you through it.

When we began this journey, I had so many fears. Some of them I am still facing. I know this is not an easy road God has called us to. But every crossroad we have come to thus far, God has been there. He has kept me strong. He has made me able. Every thing I feared of our first placement, although I cannot share details, has been put in His hands. And can I tell you, He has taken care of it all? Because He has.

If we sat down for coffee, I would tell you how silly I feel for ever doubting God. For ever thinking that He was crazy for calling ME to be a foster mom. The love I feel for this child is insane. The love I feel for his birth parents is so strong. I want to be here not only for this baby but for his parents.

If we sat down for coffee, I would remind you to walk and talk and live for Jesus. To follow His will and you will be blown away at how He will use it. How He will use you.

After I went on and on, I would ask you, what is God putting on your heart? So what is it? Will you share? Feel free to comment here, or email me. I would love to chat and to pray for you. 


  1. Just beautiful! Love your heart and your entire family.

  2. i am so happy for you and your family. I too have often not fully trusted in God and I have to remind myself regularly that he knows exactly what he is doing. Thank you so much for sharing such encouraging words. When we finally get settled into VA we want to start the foster to adopt process. God has put that on our heart for a long time, and i have so many fears and doubts. Your post today reminds me to trust in God and he will lead me. xo

    1. Jen! That is so exciting. If you have any questions or just want to chat please feel free to call me. I have been in the exact place you are now. So call ANY time 714-584-4027

  3. This is a beautiful post friend. It brought tears to my eyes. So excited for these precious moments and this special baby. Praying for you and Steven and your little ones birth parents. Xoxo

    1. Thank you so much, we appreciate all of the prayers!

  4. Oh friend, my heart beams with joy for you an dyour family!

  5. Just started ready you blog today!! Can I tell you how much I needed to see this today!! We are going to be "open" for placements next week! I really loved when you said " any fears, he will conquer!" I have so many fears as we get ready to start this journey again! We just adopted our daughter thru FC last week! I don't feel ready or able to take on this world of FC again! But absolutely know this is where God is calling us! Really needed that encouragment today!!



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