Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi. My name is Kristen. And I am a homeschool mom.


This past year we introduced Rhi to the joy of learning with a very relaxed Pre-PreSchool. This upcoming year? Well it's the real deal. She will be in full blown homeschool/preschool. Earlier in the week I put together our homeschool calendar. THE hardest part of homeschooling so far. I kid, well a little. It was tough. Deciding what weeks should be spent in school and out of school proved to be quite the challenge. Luckily, if it's not working, I can change it. Yay for homeschooling flexibility!

So we now have a calendar that works for us...I think. This is what our school year will look like:

In School- August 27-October 5 (6 weeks on)
Vacation- October 8- October 19 (2 weeks off)

In School- October 22-November 16 (6 weeks on)
Vacation- November 19- November 23 (1 week off)

In School- November 26- December 21 (4 weeks on)
Vacation- December 24- January 4 (2 weeks off)

In School- January 7- February 8 (5 weeks on)
Vacation- February 11-February 22 (2 weeks off)

 In School- February 25- March 22 (4 weeks on)
Vacation- March 25-April 5 (2 weeks off)

In School- April 8-May3 (4 weeks on)
Vacation- May6- May 17 (2 weeks off)

In School- May 20-June 21 (5 weeks on)
Vacation- June 24-July 5 (2 weeks off)

 In School- July 8-August 2 (4 weeks on)
Vacation- August 5- August 23 (3 weeks off) 

Putting together our own calendar gave me the freedom to have a school year structure that works best for our family. There are lots of perks for us.
Shorter Vacation times, meaning less time for Rhiannon to forget what she has been learning all year. Vacation days planned around our family vacation times.
Vacation time surrounding both kids birthdays (a perk I threw in there for them).
 And those are just a few.

I didn't add any government holidays to the calendar. We will deal with those on a month to month basis and make up the off time with weekend field trips and such.

Have I mentioned how much I love the flexibility? Everything is made for us. To fit us. And if it's not working I can change it.

Now that our calendar is setup, our curriculum is here and we are scheduled for CHEA next month, I feel so much more equipped and ready.

So 2012-2013 school year, Bring it! But not too hard, I'm still scared of you.



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