Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Princess

My girl is growing up. It becomes more and more evident every day. It makes me sad. But at the same time it is so much fun. She is so much fun.

My mom requested a grandma day at Disneyland with her this week. A day with the works, Hair and make-up at Disney 365, face painting, parades with ice cream and seeing all of the princess'. I allowed it on one condition, I got to be there during her makeover at Disney 365.


She was so shy when we got to the place to get her hair done but the staff was amazing with her. After holding my hand for a bit she was completely happy, in her element getting all made-over.

I could have done without the make-up. Her hair was adorable but then the purple eyeshadow came ahh. When we went in the dressing room to put her in her princess gown, I secretly removed half of the make-up. She is still a baby. It was too much. My mom later told me she did too, haha.

She had such a great day. She came home and told me that all the Princess' loved her. So sweet. Such a great memory.

Sitting there watching was adorable but so hard at the same time. She is getting so big. She is not a baby anymore.

One second you are bringing this baby home from the hospital. Months of preparation go into picking the perfect coming home outfit. You bundle up this precious gift you have prayed over for so long. Long before this day.

The next thing you know, she is sitting before you, her little heart desiring to be a beautiful princess. And oh, how beautiful she is. This is scary. So scary how pretty she is. I dread her teenage years. Phone calls from boys, first dates. Please keep those away for as long as possible. Thanks.

When she was all dolled up, she twirled and glowed. She wanted everyone to see how wonderful she was.

I want that feeling to never leave her. For her to always know how beautiful she is. Not just with the makeup, not only when she is dressed up but in her jeans and a t-shirt. Not only when she is a 3 year old at Disneyland but when she is my age. To know that she is beautiful and loved. That she will always be a princess because her Heavenly Father is the King of Kings.

I hope she never loses sight of what matters most. The beauty on the inside and her relationship with her savior.

But for now, I will enjoy this moment. While she spins and twirls and wants nothing more than to be like a princess.

Not to forget my boy, who was bored to death with this whole princess ordeal, I want to leave you with his "Please tell me it's almost over" picture...


  1. oh I love it! Such a pretty princess, inside and out! Love her!!! and your boy, love him too! What a crack up!



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