Friday, June 22, 2012

Coffee Date

Hi friends.
If we were to go on a coffee date today, you would see me chug a coffee in 2 seconds flat and then order a second. I'd ask you not to judge and tell you it has just been a long week.


Once that was taken care of I would tell you that today we are sending out all of our foster care paper work. For reals this time.

I would tell you how we had some hang ups with our doctors office and the DMV. I may even tell you that at times, I thought this just wasn't going to happen. That I thought maybe I had heard God wrong. Maybe it was a mistake, that we weren't called to this.

After that was off my chest, I would tell you how God gave me a peace about this. How He brought me to the realization that those hang ups weren't to cause stress but were needed. That maybe, just maybe, the child that is supposed to be in our home just wasn't ready yet.

I would tell you how I have a peace knowing that God is orchestrating a perfect plan. He is making a path for us to follow. It may have ups and downs but it is all part of the journey that we are on.

Next topic of conversation would probably be our homeschool plan. I would tell you about how I finished up Rhiannon's calendar and have even started adding in some field trips. How I am starting to stress out a little. That I'm not sure that I am cut out for this and am a little afraid of messing her all up. How I am freaking out a little about school hours with me being a part time working mom. How I don't know what I am going to do. I may wig out a little. Just tell me it will be okay. I can pull it together rather quickly.

After I was so selfish to talk about myself for so long, I would apologize and ask what has been going on with you. I'd love to hear what is happening on your end. Please, share.

The blog now has a reply button to all comments, feel free to discuss with eachother. We are all friends here. :)

Alsooooo.... I'm linking up with my friend Alissa for a Coffee Date Linky and think you all should to. Go!  And let me know if you do so I know to look for your post :)


  1. God has the PERFECT little guy or gal for you! Im so excited for that, as far as homeschoolin.... YOUR GONNA ROCK IT! She is only in preschool and LOOK AT YOU! You are amazing! NOW, lets have a real coffee date! One with coffee in my hands! :o) I love your posts friend!

    1. He does. And I just mailed off the last of the paperwork, so Im guessin' our perfect little one is close AHHHHH!!!!

      I am rocking the planning of preschool, we will see how execution goes haha

    2. LOOK! A PERFECT little guy! God Rocks! and through Him, you ROCK!

  2. here you go:

  3. Sounds like hard week, and I totally agree about chugging coffee. It is the one thing that I look forward to right out of bed in the morning. I am praying for you and I hope to hear the good news soon.



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