Friday, May 11, 2012

Update Central

Wow, it's been a while since I've come to chat with you all. Usually I realize when I have been lagging on the blog posts. I have reached a point in so many areas of my life that busy seems to be the only way to describe each arena. Good busy though. Not the chaos that we seem to get wrapped up in so often. Just full lives. Lives full of happiness and things to do.

I have lots of posts I want to write but thought I would just check in and share where we are right not. In general, it's just a joyous place. We are surrounded by God's blessings. But to break it down for you a little more...

  • Rhiannon and I just got back from an amazing girls weekend where our relationship was nurtured and built up in a way I didn't realize we needed. I can honestly say that my 3 year old is my best girl friend. There is no one I would have rather shared a girls weekend with and I can't wait to share all about it soon. 
  • Rock-A-Bow has been super busy. I am prepping for two upcoming shows, a MOPs boutique this weekend and Queen Bee in June. I am having a hard time prepping because You, my customers, are keeping me busy busy busy. I am so beyond blessed by all of you.
  • While we are talking about Rock-A-Bow, have you heard? This summer I will be releasing a few new products to the shop. Including the messenger bags, girls handbags and new art accessories! Annnndddd we are changing our name and branding. Lots of fun stuff is in the works over here in my little studio.
  • Our end goals of foster care are slowly approaching.  We are currently in the waiting stages. We have completed all of the steps to prepare. Now our paperwork is in the hands of our agency and we are waiting for a call from our adoption worker to schedule a home study. That is the LAST step before certification.
So that is what is happening here. What have you all been up to?


  1. I love that you & your daughter had a girls weekend. I loved seeing your pics on instagram! I might have to do that with each of my girls before this baby arrives! So fun!

    1. Yes. Do it. It was so much fun and so needed before we get our new little one. It's such a huge change for kids, as I'm sure you know. It was nice to have just her and I for the weekend.



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