Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Randomly happy chaos!

Hey all! Just checking in with a quick update and some randoms. We have so much going on that I have been neglecting the blog. I feel like a broken record who repeats that statement weekly. Anyhow, here's what is happening with us...
  • This Monday we will be having our first home inspection for FosterCare to Adopt. This will entail a more in depth interview and a look around our home, making sure there are no glaring safety issues. Not too worried about this visit but getting super anxious. We are so close.
  • I have baby fever! I cannot tell you how ready I am to have a sweet baby or another toddler in our home. This momma is REA-DY!
  • Just finished up a ton of new products, went to Penelope Lane Boutique and....well I have to start over. I was super blessed by so many of you and by all of the shoppers there. Not only were there tons of sales but also so many connections made. I was thrilled to meet quite a few of you in real life! (there will be a recap on the blog soon.
  • Will be listing leather clutches this week or next. Also sending some to a salon boutique who will now be stocking them, with a percentage of sales going to Lighthouse Ministries .
  • We are about to complete our Going Deeper with God. It has been an awesome course and I am not ready for it to end. I will definitely be keeping up on the new habits I have formed. My relationship with Christ has improved so much. I am in awe of His Grace and love.
  • My list of custom orders is insane. Like insane in a good way. Have I mentioned how blessed I am by you all? Plus, you have some totally cute stuff for me to create. I am having a blast. 2 quilts in the works, I die!
  • We start our Foster Training on the 31st. Yes, of this month. It is all happening so fast. When God said now, He meant NOW! This has me both terrified and excited beyond words. I cannot wait to share this adventure with you.
  • I am back in the office 2 times a week. It is not too bad. My kids go through spurts. Some days they don't mind it. Some days they make me want to pull my hair out. All in all, they are great kids and I really can do anything with them around. I say this as they both sit playing quietly holding hands. Could I really ask for more?
So this is what is happening over here. Happy Chaos. What have you been up to? Have anything exciting happening?

Please share. We have threaded commenting now, so I can respond right here and so can other readers. FUN! Share, talk, make friends!


  1. So much exciting stuff going on for you. I'm so so happy for you, friend. It was GREAT to see you on Saturday. Good luck with your inspection & training. I'm sure it'll go smoothly for you. xoxo

  2. Thank you. It is always so fun chatting with you and B. :)



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