Thursday, March 29, 2012


People, I am one proud mama! My daughter is a rockstar.

Let me give you some background.

A few weeks ago Rhiannon started attending Rainbows at our church. Rainbows is a club for preschoolers, ages 3-5. In Rainbows the littles learn bible stories, do crafts, sing songs and play games, all while earning badges along the way.

Two weeks ago Rhi was sent home with homework and her first verse to memorize. My girl rocked it, by day 2 she could tell you the verse and where it was located. This mommy is horrible at memorizing so when my 3yo was able to memorize even a short verse...impressed!

 So fast forward to last night. Since the kids recited their verses and turned in their homework last week, it was award ceremony last night. Baby girl got her first badge!

The group sang their little song and then got their certificates with badges. I cannot wait to get her little vest to attach her badge to.

Oh and how cute was she singing "Jesus is Alive" ?


  1. YAY RHIANNON!!! Anbo watched the video and asked "Am I there with Rhi?" haha, no Anbo your not there, wouldnt you remember.... hahaha silly girl loves her friend, and wants to always be with her!

  2. Is she in Missionettes?!
    I did that when I was younger, I did stars and friends (late elementary/middle school).

    &I loved it!

    She is too adorable! <3

    1. Yes she is. Rainbows is the first age group. Our church goes up to 6th grade I believe. She is LOVING it so far.

      Thanks. I think she is pretty cute :) Definitely loved the camera that night too haha.



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