Monday, February 13, 2012

Stop and Listen

I just want to start this off by saying, When God speaks, listen.

We recently felt the call on our lives to do Foster Care to Adopt. You can read all about it here, here and here.

When God spoke to me, He said do it now.

So we started prepping our house. We started planning construction, what needed to be done to add a room and what needed to be done before we could do that.

We knew we had to eliminate some bulky furniture, move my studio to the laundry room, move the toys and create a playroom. We knew we had work to do.

We started busting our booties to get it all done. We started stressing out. Okay, I started stressing out. I started freaking out. Things in our home got crazy. They got overwhelming. I got overwhelmed. We decided to slow things down, take it one step at a time. We said that when we finished one step we would start the next. The construction could start after X,Y and Z and once that started we could put in our application.

Three days after those words were spoken, our kids got sick. Not sick enough that they or it was a problem. Just sick enough that we had to stay home. In the weekend that they were sick, we created the studio and moved in, we moved the toys and almost fully completed the playroom. There are just a few decorative elements to be completed, nothing that would hold us back. As we were in the middle of all of this, we got a phone call. A friend wanting to purchase the furniture...that day. He came and picked it up.

There is no denying that this was all God. There was an obstacle and He pushed us through it. We begin construction this week. Which means, we put in our application THIS week.

People, God has a plan for us. He spoke and we committed to follow Him. When we felt overwhelmed, He lifted us up and carried us through it. He is meeting us where we are and asking that we simply come with Him on this journey. I am overjoyed with what He is doing.

Is our home still chaos? Yes. Is it still crazy and stressful? Yes. Is it still overwhelming? Yes. Do I still feel like my life is falling apart? Yes. Are we still trusting God? Yes.

Sometimes in life, our world needs to fall apart so that God can rebuild it. He is not making our lives bad or bringing it to the point to where we cannot handle it. We are still trucking along and having fun. We are just being pulled to our limits to fulfill His plans in our life.

That may sound like I am saying that God is destroying or harming our little world and that is so far from what I am trying to say. What I mean is that He is taking what we have and changing it all. He is taking our strengths and molding them. He is taking our weaknesses and working them out. He is taking our lifestyle and our home and guiding us in making it what it needs to be in order to do what we are called to do.

We are not only becoming ready for possible foster children, we are correcting bad habits (mostly in my time managment) and establishing tradition, opportunity for fun and memories. We are making our home not only prepared but a place better for our family.

God is so faithful. God is so good. God is soooo right. When He speaks, do yourself a favor and listen. He will mold you and stretch you beyond what you can imagine. In the midst of the stress we are going through, our marriage has been strengthened, really, our whole world has. Keeping your eye on God is something that all marriages should focus on but that is a whole other post.

What I am saying here is simple. LISTEN UP, He speaks loud and clear when you let Him. I am amazed at what God is doing in our home and family.


  1. Thanks! We are so super super crazy excited :)

  2. Oh, Kristen. I LOVE this post. Everything about it makes me smile. So proud of you & your hubby. Good for you!! So thankful that we get to follow along with your journey.



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