Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sand and Water to the rescue

These past few days, weeks, months have been chaotic around the house. As we prep for foster care we are making lots of changes in our home. Since there is so much to do and construction happening, we have really had to cut out a lot of our fun out of the home activities.

The kids have been quite stir crazy because of it. Don't get me wrong, when my dad is here working on building the girl room, all the kids want to do is help him work. But when he's not here, they are bored. They are sick of coloring, they have played with all their toys...all 2143273249709 of them.

We have been taking lots of breaks to go outside and play in the sand box. I am so thankful for little things like sand and water. They really have broke up the monotony of our days. We are having fun despite being cooped up.
They love playing in the sand!

Is there anything sweeter than siblings playing nicely together?

I am so in love with his always messy baby face!

I'm equally in love with her beautiful little face.

Is there something you do when you are stuck at home? How do you keep your little ones occupied and happy? I would love some tips.

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