Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Toddler Talk with Russell

Hey everyone!

I'm Russell. Russell the Elf. I'm staying at the Murphy's home this month. Keeping an eye on them for Santa. I was excited when I arrived because I recognized Rhiannon and Talon from Santa's "Nice" list. I was a little nervous. I have heard some stories from the other elves and well, they aren't so pretty. What a relief!

The Murphy's named me Russell my first night here. That wise guy dad picked my name. He's lucky I didn't send him straight to the Naughty list. I thought I would cut him some slack though. Rhiannon loves my name and well, I do this for the kids.

Since I will be here for a whole month, I thought it would be fun to take over Toddler Talk until I go back to the North Pole. It's a win/win in my book. This mom has her hands full and I have been wanting to give this blogging thing a whirl. It seems to be the new hot thing. All of the elves at the North Pole talk about their "lifestyle blogs", I'm a hip elf. Why shouldn't I have one too?

Enough about my hopes and dreams of being a big name blogger. I'll stick to guest posting here for now. While I'm running Toddler Talk, I am just gonna take you along on my adventures around the Murphy household. Maybe share some stories about what I see being an elf on a shelf over at their place.

The first morning I hid in pretty plain sight. I wanted to take it easy on the little ones, since it was their first time hunting for me. They found me pretty quickly. We packed up and headed to work.


Once we were there, it was chaos all day. I was shocked at how good those kids were in an office though. Especially Rhiannon. Sharing, playing quietly. An angel I'm sure. Talon had some fits but his sister reminded him that ... in here words "Russell gonna tell santa you naughty. No cars for you anymore!" He shaped up.

 Day 2: I brought back a note from Santa and hid to see Rhiannon's reaction.

Day 3:It was fairly warm out and I'm in this hot suit so, frankly, I needed a bath.

Day 4: Since it was a late night, I hide in the kids room, pretty plain sight stuff. The mom thought it was boring and didn't take my picture. I was a little hurt but hey Santa will get her back for it.

Day 5: I took a friend to the north pole with me. In elf life, that's kinda like bringing someone home to meet the parents. So I guess you could say its pretty serious.

So what have you all been up to? Share your toddler stories, will you?

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  1. Just now getting around to reading. THIS is freaking hysterical! I LOVE it!!!



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