Monday, December 19, 2011

Little Christs

A few months ago we were asked to have our picture taken for the church website. The picture is used to represent adults/family at the church. It's pretty fun seeing ourselves up there when we go to pay our tithe or check on upcoming events.

Other than being excited to see our cute family when I go to the website, that picture being there has not changed anything. So I was surprised when a friend made the statement "Man you better be on your best behavior now that you are the face of the church". This through me off. Big time!

It's not that I don't think that we represent the church because we do. If you are a Christian, a follower of Christ, I have news for you, YOU represent the church. YOU represent Christ. An image on a website means nothing. The day I surrendered my life to Jesus and decided to live for Him was the day I should have been told "Man you better be on your best behavior now that you are the face of the church".

Now I don't mean to slam my friend here. In fact we sat and talked all about the statement and how we as Christians (that includes me) seem to forget just how much our behavior affects what non-believers think of Jesus. I mean, how many times do we hear things like "I don't want to go to church, it's full of hypocrites" or "If he/she is what a Christian looks like, I don't want to be one" It is the most common reasoning that I get from friends I try inviting to church.

We should be modeling Christ daily. Our actions or words should show the love of Christ and the walk He wants us to be taking. I remember hearing a while back that the word Christian was originally used as an insult. It meant little Christs. It was used to mock followers of Jesus, unfortunately for the taunters, Christians liked it. It was a compliment to be a little Christ.

That is what we should be striving for. To be a mini version of Jesus. We are called to be like Him. We may fall short. No, we WILL fall short. We are all sinners. We will all make mistakes but the goal should be to be as much like Him as humanly possible.

I will be making a point to be more like Him. I will be doing my best to show His love to everyone I come in contact with. I will be His hands and feet just like I am called to be.

It is not always easy to walk the walk. It is so easy to fall into the ways of the world. To do what those around us are doing. But why can't we make it the norm to be like Jesus? Why can't we make it fun to avoid sin instead of seek it? Why can't we be the majority, following Christ and striving to please Him?

Seriously, why can't we? Let's do it! Let's show the love of Jesus. Let's walk like Him.


  1. The fact that that comment threw you for a loop goes to show that you do attempt to walk the walk, and your blog reflects your life and ways. I am thankful that we can serve our God, our Jesus, and we have alot of people to thank for that freedom. We all need to pray for our Country, our leaders, Israel, and for all the countries that do not love us or our country daily. I would love it if you would start something on your blog to get people to commit 2 minutes a day at particular times so that we could pray in one accord together and for each other. You don't know me, and I don't know you, but we are still connected family through our Father. We may never know who prayed for us when we were having a difficult time, it might just be you or me that knelt at his feet to ask that prayer on your behalf, and that prayer might make all the difference. Keep on standing for the right, your children will be your bounty here on earth, and after this life your rewards will be great for your steadfastness. I have thought alot lately about all the years I didn't work for God, newly rejoined with him in the past few months, although he never left me, and I thought that when I ask him for things I can't really say too much about "Lord look what I have done for you here". You are an inspiration!



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