Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What’s in my bag…

…and what I’m leaving behind.

Tomorrow morning at 5:30am I will be leaving for Creative Estates. I am super excited. I get to meet a ton of awesome bloggers, many of whom I have become friends with via twitter. I am going to learn and experience so much from/with this community of women.

So with all this being said, the pressure was on to pack all the right stuff and well, I think I over-packed. Here is what I’ve got in my bag.



I know this looks like I just shot a picture of a heap of laundry but I promise this is all very organized. I will be in Arizona for 3, ehh 3.5 days and I packed 6 outfits and 4 pairs of shoes. I usually underpack and thought I should shoot a little higher this time around. I am not packing half as much as many of the bloggers I follow, so I don’t feel bad.



Then there are the beauty supplies. I limited myself, can you tell? I love me some eyeshadows and I only brought 1 full pallet and 2 travel ones. Ha! Don’t pay any mind to the fact that my eyeshadows and blush are MAC and the rest is whatever I can find on the cheap. That is how I justify spending on my eye make-up.


I know this may look like an advertisement for Sensaria skincare but it’s not. Although if you want amazing skincare products, my friend Tess sells this stuff and she as just as awesome as the product!

Unfortunately, the stuff I am bringing is not half as cute or valuable as the treasures I have to leave behind. My sweet babies. They are actually the reason I am posting about what is packed at 6:30…before I’m even done packing.

I have never left my kids before and this day has been so hard on me. I am going to miss them like crazy. I wanted to blog all about it but instead I am going to go spend the last hours I have at home with them. So off I go, if you see me at Creative Estates, please come say hi. I’d LOVE to meet you!


  1. you will have SO much fun! an think of how excited they will be when you return :).

    enjoy your trip -- can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. AHHH your packing looks great! and thanks for the little glitch about me!

  3. cuuuuute wedges that i spy on that bed!
    i'll be at CE, too - cya there!!

  4. it was soo great meeting you at CE!!! :) loved your booth~~



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