Friday, April 15, 2011

Fast Friends

You know that super cliche moment in movies, right after graduation. There are hugs and a few tears and the belief that you will *never* see each other again. Leaving Creative Estates felt kind of like that. I built some amazing friendships with some women who I felt like I'd known forever. How could I be so sad after only knowing most of these women for 3 days? There was something about our little group. There was never a dull moment or an awkward pause in conversation. It was always fun and uplifting. Man I am starting to sound so cheesy but it is all true. Before I bore you to death with my sappy little love story of the sister wives, let me introduce them all to you.

First, there is Nicole. Nicole is actually a friend that I have had for a long while. Our hubbies grew up together and we became friends soon after meeting. I feel the need to introduce her to you with my *new* friends not only because she was in our fab group but because I feel that spending this weekend together built our friendship up tremendously. I love her so. I think you all would too. She is crazy funny, super sweet and so talented. So go to her shop and check out her blog!

Second is Elizabeth. Elizabeth drove to Arizona with Nicole and I so she had a little headstart on becoming one of the besties. Come to find out she went to the same church as us for like 6 years and has a lot of the same friends as us. No wonder she was such a perfect fit from the start. From the moment she got in the car, it was fun. You might want to go check her out too, cause she's awesome.

Megan is someone I have been talking with on Twitter for a while and have been really excited to meet. She was the baby of the group and often had to be told to put on her earmuffs. Such a good sport. She is super bubbly and fun. So glad I finally got to meet her.

Also on Twitter was Jacqui aka CrafteeMcgee. Now this was a different relationship. I was so intimidated by her. She seemed out of my league. Not in a weirdo crush kind of way. I don't know why I felt this way. All I know is as soon as I met her in real life I had to laugh. She is one of the funniest and sweetest people ever! You should still be a little intimidated by her because she is that crazy awesome. I kid, go find her now. Blog, shop, all of it.

Alison, oh my word, the cutest southern belle you ever will meet. She is beyond sweet and loving. Her heart just shines through her smile and adorable accent. She had us cracking up and practicing her accent behind her back. Yes, it is that amazing.

Amy. Amy was long time twitter friends with Elizabeth. So she was one of the first must finds. I am so glad she was. Amy is awesome and kind and funny. I think sweet and funny were the common theme in all of these new friends. But she really was and is. Oh, and her jewelry is amazing. Hurry up and check it out. You will want something for mothers day. Guaranteed

Katie, isn't she darling? I love her. Another complete sweetheart. And her family is super sweet too, she had stories that made us all melt. I "jokingly" asked if I could be her sister and join her family. Secret is, if they agreed to take me, I would jump right on board.

Heather did not hang out with us quite as much but the friendship of a lifetime thing is still there. We have agreed to be texting bff's since neither of us like the phone. I am yet to get a text though, maybe I need to make the first move? Ha! Heather also has some amazing jewelry. Don't tell my mom but I'm ordering her a lil something today.

Erin was another one to join us on the last night. I mean we hung out throughout the weekend but there was nothing like our late night chat sessions. Erin, just like Heather, fit right in. Luckily Erin is close enough to me that we get to hang out. Can you say WOO HOO!?!

So there they are, my amazing new friends. Go find them. Read their blogs, they are wonderful.


  1. Love it!! It's so true that we all just's all God :) Miss you guys so much already!

  2. i love you. seriously a lot! and i'm so glad that God threw us together last weekend. He really knows what He's doing!
    also i HATE the phone. sooo text me?
    also i'm glad i'm not scary anymore & i'm a little sad that you thought i was!!
    also also i did a little looking and the halfway point is the middle of nowhere colorado. so perhaps denver? orrr we'll be in cali a couple times this year. perhaps i'll steal a car & drive down to find you!

  3. Such a great post! It makes me miss all of you all over again!!! I am truly thanking God that he threw all of us together last weekend :)

    P.S. I'm not a phone call kind of girl either. Texts please!

    Jacqui--you should totally drive down when you are in Cali!!!

  4. Awh.....miss you and love you!! So sad we didn't hang out the first two nights, but um - we weren't invited! ;) Next time for sure. See you in a few weeks!



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