Friday, December 31, 2010

Top 10 in 2010

2010 has been an awesome year! The year has brought us so much. Some silly, some serious and some seriously silly! Do a top ten countdown with me, will you?

10. Michael Miller
This year marks the beginning of my love affair with Michael Miller. Not the man himself, just his fabrics. Can we say Oh Em Gee?!? I am in love! I cannot get enough of these beauties. Check back in a couple weeks to see my kiddo's nursery loaded with the some good ol' Michael Miller. Ahh it is gorgeous.

9. Baking Goods

These lovelies barely made it in by the end of year but they got here soon enough to make the top ten. Rhi and I got these adorable matching "Trendy Housewife" aprons. Mommy's apron is even reversible (the other side is even done in Michael Miller's Eiffel Tower pink. I die!). To top off the wonderfullness happening in the kitchen, my grandma bought me a standing mixer. My heart skipped a beat and I wasted no time to get in the kitchen. These things may seem so small to most but lemme give you some background here. I was the little girl who wanted to be a wife/mommy when I grew up. Ballerinas, teachers and princess' NO SIR! I was gonna be a good old fashioned 50's woman. Most women would be offended but if my husband told me to get back in the kitchen, well, I just might kiss him! So these goodies made it into the countdown easily!

8. Hair

That's right folks bald baby has got some hair. So much hair I don't quite know what to do with it. It is messy and awkward and just gets in the way. So why is this annoying hair on my top 10? Well, it is beautiful and blonde. Women would kill for this gorgeous hair. Oh yes and she is not mistaken for a boy anymore! WOO HOO for hair!

7.My new bible study

Mid-2010, God brought me an amazing group of women. My mommy, my aunt and her stepmom and sister, and one more aunt. These girlies are wonderful and inspiring and just so refreshing. This has been such a blessing to sit back and relax while we revel in God's grace and love. Then to take it up a notch, my lil sis who I having been praying over for years has joined us! Is God good or what?

Last year my mother in law got me a sewing machine. It was fun and all. I tried it here and there but nothing really. 2010 brought me a love of sewing. I don't even know if love describes it well enough. It is what I do to unwind after a long day. It is a love language to my children. Making them something fun is something that I can do to say that I care. Awww sewing!

5.Rock-A-Bow is growing
Woot! You heard me right. Rock-A-Bow has tripled it's sales this year. I have a sneaky suspicion that as I add my sewn items to the store it may just grow some more. In fact the end of 2010 brought some big ideas for my business. Let's just say you might want to look back here next month and see what all is about to change. But shhh, these works are a secret. In fact, I better go update the hubs about some of it.

4.Debt Snowball
If you are a Dave Ramsey person, you have probably caught the lingo. The hubs and I have begun working on our Total Money Makeover and let me tell you IT WORKS! Our debt snowball has begun and it is unstoppable. So far we have paid off 4 credit cards. We estimate that by March of 2012 we will be completely out of debt. This is huge for us. This is a goal that has seemed so unreachable and it is in clear sight now.

3.Working from home
Yes ma'am (or sir), this momma is working from home. I now have the freedom to spend time with my little ones, be the mommy I know they deserve and to of course work on my business! Now with working from home, my hours have been reduced drastically so this is a HUGE step of faith. However, it is a complete answer to prayer. Now let's get Rock-A-Bow moving so that this momma can help pay the bills ;)

Check out these beauties. Okay, so I'm not gonna show you but I've got 3. It's where they removed my cyst. Now I know to most people some nasty old scars would not be on their top ten and surely not number 2 for goodness sakes! Yet, for me, they are a constant reminder of God's hand in my life. His protection and mercy and love. Though the scars will fade, those things will remain the same always. So for that reason my ugly little scars are number two and they would be number one if it weren't for....

1.Talon Reid Murphy
(no he does not eat in the nude, his rolls just hide the diaper)
Ahhhh my fat little moose! I love this boy. On August 23rd God brought us our miracle baby. Isn't he amazingly yummy? Talon is by far the best thing that we received in 2010. I cannot even tell you what a joy he is. I'm sure you can tell by the photo above. He is all smiles and happiness and fun. Yes, he is our number 1 in 2010.

Please comment and share what your #1 was in 2010!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Project 320

"Ice, Water, Ice". It is my 2 year old daughters most common request. Such a simple thing. A nice refreshing glass of water. But what if a clean cup of water was not an option? To us, clean drinking water is such a natural thing but for many it is an unobtainable desire.

Knowing that so many children, children like my own daughter are going without clean drinking water breaks my heart. If only I could give them a glass of water. If only WE could give them a glass of water. Wouldn't it be amazing to give just one glass of water, like the one my own child has in the photo above, to another child? Now what if I told you that WE could give an entire community not just one cup of water but water for a lifetime and even to generations to come.

Rock-A-Bow has teamed up with Project 320 to do just that! Will you join us? Will you help us to bring a well to a community? Clean Water to a community? With your efforts in helping us you will be entered in a Rock-A-Bow giveaway. Of course the giveaway is a fun aspect but the true reward will be seeing photos of the children of a community enjoying CLEAN water...maybe for the first time in their life. Knowing that WE were a part of something big, something LIFE CHANGING!

Here's what YOU can do:

Go visit Project 320 Well and donate as much as you are led and able to give. For every $10 you donate, you will be entered in this Rock-A-Bow giveaway.

Simply visit the site, make your donation and come back here and leave a comment about how much you gave.

Next Monday, the 20th, I will pick a winner through for this sweet little prize!

The prize? This super cute sibling set.

Giveaway includes: A tutu that will fit most 18m-5y old girls, a headband and bow to match the tutu. Then for baby brother: A size 0-3 month Music Note Tie Onsie and a SUPER cute pair of 0-3m Black and White Baby Leg Warmers by Olive Blue.

Wow! What more could you ask for? A chance to win a super cute set for your kids (if you dont have a little boy and big girl, that's ok, it all makes for great gifts) and the opportunity to help an entire community. So head on over to Project 320 Well and donate now.


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