Monday, July 12, 2010

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Week 4

Submitted by my Readers:
Kiera: How far is Michael's?
Me: Not far.
Kiera: Can we walk there?
Me: Not today, Mommy doesn't have the energy (at the end of a cold)
Kiera: I'll walk slowly!


Overheard a conversation between a 3-4yr. old and his mom while shopping at Target. It appeared they were spending birthday money or something of that nature.
Child: MOMMMMMY I WANT THIS!!! (big odd shaped box in hands)
Mom: What is it?
Child: I don't know...come look!!!!

Some of my own:
Driving on the freeway someone sped around us nearly hitting our front end and the back end of a semi. I said "WOW Buddy", Rhiannon throws her hands in the air and yells "Buddy!"- Road Rage at an early age?

While in the car I gave Rhiannon a cookie. I looked back to find it crumbled up everywhere.
Mommy: Rhiannon what happened to your cookie?
Rhiannon: (very matter of factly) The coo coo did it.
:::A minute passes:::
Rhiannon: (rubbing her hands together to clean them off) MOMMY the coo coo eating me!

Playing the back bay Rhiannon sees some fish jumping super high. She yells "BUNNY SHISHY"

Thursday, July 8, 2010

You Might Be A Mommy...

*After my husband was done teasing me for some of the things I do now that I am a mom, we thought it would be fun if I put together a list of a few of them. Here it is.

You Might be a Mommy if…

  • You find yourself quoting Tigger, from Winnie the Pooh.

  • You bounce or rock back and forth while waiting in lines, only to discover there’s no baby on your hip.

  • You can’t find your keys/wallet/phone and the first place you look is in the clothes hamper or toy box.

  • You find yourself singing Old MacDonald in the car...alone!

  • You have ever held out your hands to catch vomit...

  • You can find at least one Goldfish at the bottom of every bag you own.

  • You see a mom from your child's playgroup at the store and remember her baby’s name but not hers.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Week 3

Submitted by my readers:
Baby Em is laying on her play mat playing with her toys.
Anbo is standing over her talking.
Anbo: Baby sister Eat?
Em: smiles
Anbo: Baby Sister Eat? (with this look in her eye)
Em: giggles

Anbo lifts up her dress and tries to "feed" Baby sister!
(Baby Em is a breastfed baby)
Submitted by Anbo's mommy, Tess

We have been really working with Trevor on his BIG BOY aggressive play. He hits and gets excited, which is a type of play that we do not tolerate. We have been telling him that it is not nice and not loving to hit, and then we pray and he gets a time-out.
I have tried to explain to him that friends do not hit.
Well, he hit me and I said "Ouch!" He responded, " It's OK Mama, we are friends." Then he folded his hands and 1/2 way closed his eyes. He said, "Dear Jesus, help be nice boy. Amen. And thank You for my toy cars." Silly boy!
Submitted by Trevor's Mommy, Holli

"A" has green fingers from eating Candy.
Walks into the room with finger in the air.
"A": Mommy there candy in my agina
mommy: no "A" there is no candy in your vagina.
"A" with a look of panic looks at her finger, : Mommy there is green candy in my agina!

(We think she stuck her finger in her diaper and felt pee, saw her finger and assumed the green stained finger was from her agina, we told her to never say that again, while in tears laughing)
Submitted by: An Anonymous Mommy

A Few of My Own:

As we were getting ready to get out of the car I asked Rhiannon "Are you ready to shop, shop, shop". Rhiannon nods her head yes. A few second later Daddy opens the door and Rhiannon says in excitement with huge eyes "Daddy, SHOPPPPP!" - not really a funny story but a proud mommy moment indeed!

Rhiannon kept kissing the mirror I had JUST cleaned. Usually I don't care but I didn't know if the Window Cleaner had even dried I told her to stop kissing the mirror. Her response?
"Mommy baby issss preeettttyyy".

Friday, July 2, 2010

4 Years and Counting!

Four years ago today I married my best friend and love of my life. I was terribly sick, gas poisoning. If I was not throwing up, I was ready to pass out. Despite all of the hardships of the day I still remember it as one of the two (soon to be three) best days of my life.
Steven and I were married at Plaza Bible Church. It was the perfect setting, super romantic. My poor guests just had to deal with the heat. Somehow the heat was turned on instead of the air. One of the groomsmen fainted as he walked back down the aisle. By the grace of God I did not feel overheated or sick the entire time we were in the church.The reception was at The California Plaza, it was so hot and I was so sick...but I made it through the day. However, I did not get to enjoy a piece of my wedding cake until our 1 year anniversary and I'm a little bitter about that.
Why am I sharing all of this? So I can tell you that our marriage has been the same exact way. Haha. A complete whirlwind! Moving from one place to another on a regular basis and dealing with all the challenges life has thrown at us.
We got through the chaos on the day of our wedding and in the past 4 years because of two things, our love for eachother and our faith in/love for God. Best four years ever? Yes, indeed. Enjoy some of my wedding pictures with me, will you?


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