Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Week 2

So I was super excited that I had a submission from one of my readers this week. Hopefully every week we will get more and more.

Submitted by my readers:

So..Brooklyn and I had a mommy and me day at the Angel Game yesterday..(huge win btw..GO ANGELS) and when we were leaving..my mom yells, GO ANGELS! And Brooklyn says.."Yea..i know Grandma..we are going to see the Angel's..geez..bye!" lol..kids!-Submitted by Brooklyn's Mommy, Nicole

A few of my own:

There is a scene in Wall-E where a large item is falling down and heading straight for Wall-E. I'm not sure what it is, maybe a bus. Anyhow, Rhiannon yells at the screen "OH SHOOOOO Wall-E!", side note: Hubby is in big trouble for saying shoot around Rhi.

Rhiannon was busy running around and laughing at who knows what, when all of a sudden she stopped to inform me "Mommy I being funnnnny"

Rhiannon and Daddy were playing in her room. She climbed into the cabinet portion on her bookshelf. This is the convo that followedL
Daddy- "What are you doing baby?"
Rhiannon- "Hiding"
Daddy- "From who?"
Rhiannon- "uh Mommy!"

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Great Grandma

*After speaking at my Great Grandma's Memorial last weekend, I had a few people request that I post what I shared. Luckily, I do better with public speaking if I write things out word for word. So, I have it hear to share with you. If you are one that requested it, here it is. If not, you can read it anyway =o)

I am going to try to say what I have to say about my great grandma in just a couple minutes but it is hard to keep it minimal when you are talking about someone who you were so close to and who taught you so much.

Great Grandma taught me some valuable life lessons. I am sure she taught you many of the same ones. For example, when I was very young, one of the first things she taught me was how to tuck a pack of Rolos into my jeans just right, so when my t-shirt covered my mom would NEVER know great grandma had snuck me and extra pack. She was good for getting us our chocolate, wasn’t she?

When I was a little older, maybe 9 or 10, she taught my sister and I a very valuable skill. One of my favorite memories. We had stayed the weekend at Grandma’s so the mats were all laid out. Great Grandma demonstrated what to do when a boy got “fresh” with you, by pretending to dance with my brother and tossed him over her shoulder, body slamming him onto the mats. He swears to this day that he let her. I disagree. Either way, it’s another one of those valuable life lessons.

As I got older, I had the privilege of just hanging out with great grandma. Most of the time we just watched a scary movie and ate way too much ice cream. But the times I remember best we just sat and talked. I remember sitting in her room upstairs and hearing stories about her growing up. She was tough as nails and had no problem keeping up with the boys. I also remember her talking about her mom. How beautiful she remembers her being.

I don’t think Great Grandma realized how beautiful she was herself. You see great grandma had this beauty that radiated from the inside out. Talking to her I learned of many difficult times in her life. Yet she still possessed so many wonderful characteristics that made her beauty shine through.

Her sense of humor and ability to always make you smile. Her thoughtfulness and desire to give to others. Oh and her honesty. None of us can deny Great Grandmas very blunt honesty.

Lots of stories and memories come from great grandma’s honesty. Like the time she brought down a stick of deodorant for a friend we had over, she told her it was “just in case she forgot that morning”.

Yes, she was a little over honest at times but oh how I wish I possessed the ability to be as honest as my great grandma.

There are so many memories of my great grandma that I will never forget. One day I will be able to sit with my own children and grandchildren and share with them about how beautiful my Great Grandma was.

Great Grandmas death has been a hard one for me to accept but I have found so much comfort in the fact that she gets to be “The Lady Upstairs” once again. I know how much pride she took in that title and I can only imagine how much that pride has multiplied in this new home upstairs.

A few years back, when I accepted Jesus into my own life, Great Grandma and I had a new bond formed. As I said before, great Grandma had a lot of difficult times in her life. Yet she overcame them. She shared with me many times about her faith and the difficult walk she had been through. I only truly understood this when she gave me her old bible. Looking through this bible I learned two things. First, that it was even more of a difficult walk than she had let on. And secondly, she was defiantly a woman of great faith.

I sat down and read through great grandma’s bible a couple of nights ago and I found some verses that she had not only underlined but circled as well. Since she paid so much attention to them I know they were of great importance to her. These verses bring comfort to me and maybe they will to you as well.

Philippians 1:21-24 says:

21For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. 22If I am to go on living in the body, this will mean fruitful labor for me. Yet what shall I choose? I do not know! 23I am torn between the two: I desire to depart and be with Christ, which is better by far; 24but it is more necessary for you that I remain in the body.

See great grandma knew the truth and knew that one day she would walk with Jesus. She desired to be with Him and share eternal life.

Because of this, I know I do not have to say goodbye. I know that I will see her again. To me it may seem like such a long time until I do, to her it will only be a blink of an eye. For all of us this is such a painful time, but for great grandma the pain is gone, she will never have to feel an ounce of pain again. At this time since I do not have to say goodbye. I will wrap it up with words I look forward to hearing again, “See you later alligator”!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Toddler Talk Tuesday- Week 1

Every heard the saying "kids say the darndest things"? Of course you have. I mean they even made a TV show out of it. Which really needs to be brought back. That show made me so anxious to have a little kid and hear all of the "darndest" things they had to say. The thing is, I really don't have to wait. No one told me that toddlers say things that are equally hilarious and off the wall.

In the past few months, my little one has started putting her words together. My goodness! The things this child says crack me up. (This week she hasn't been quite as much of a comedian so you will have to trust me on it.)

Since my daughter brings me so much laughter, I thought I would start sharing weekly. WAIT! It gets better. I know my daughter is not the only funny kid on the block, so I want you to share with my readers as well.

Here's how it will work. You send me the funny thing your kid said during the week and I post it on Tuesday. Sound kinda boring? It is not. You see your little one will be bringing laughter to anyone who stops by. Hey, you never know, maybe an agent will pick them up for a comedy act. Don't count on it but if that thought gets you to share, I'll go with it.

Since I am posting this on Tuesday and you can't send in your stories, I'll share a couple of mine. Hopefully next week there will be more kiddos making you laugh than just my own.

  • Conversation between my 5 year old godson Junior and my 20 month old daughter Rhiannon, overheard and even photographed (photo at top) by my husband.
    Junior: Hey Rhiannon, want to play hide-n-seek?
    Rhiannon: ::Very enthusiastic:: YA!
    Junior: Okay, count to ten and I'll hide Rhiannon: YA!
    Junior runs off to hide...Rhiannon follows!
  • Conversation between Rhiannon and I.
    Rhiannon: ::Farts::
    Mommy: Rhiannon, when you fart, say excuse me. (Jokingly)
    Rhiannon: K! ::Farts again::
    Mommy: Say excuse me remember?
    Rhiannon: Ya!
    A few minutes go by...
    Rhiannon:::Farts LOUDLY::
    Mommy: Rhi-Annon (in shock)
    Rhiannon: Xcuse E!!!!
  • Rhiannon and I were having a good ol' time...I thought. I was tickling and blowing on her belly. She was cracking up. All of a sudden, she grabs my head with both hands, looks me straight in the eyes and says "MOMMY GO BED!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

My little storm!

Okay, I know I have been MIA for a little while now but I can explain! So much has been going on.

As you all know I have had quite a few problems with this pregnancy. I have been in horrible pain lately. I am on bedrest for the most part. If I feel pain, any pain, I am to go straight to bed. HAHA, sorry did I just laugh out loud? Don't tell my doctor. It is impossible for me to stay in bed. I do try though.

This is just the beginning folks.

On May 30th my Great Grandma went to be with Jesus. She has been sick for a while now and her time had come. Although I know she is with her Creator and she has been healed of all the sickness she battled here, it hurts. It has been a very tough time. It is a struggle helping to plan her memorial and just knowing she is not here with me anymore. I will get through.

Then just when I had said "It can only get better from here", my poor baby girl got Croup. UGH! So sad! It breaks my heart to see her sick and hurting. I want to rescue her and I cannot. Errr!

Today a friend asked me how I could deal with all of this going on at once. Simple. I cannot. I have Jesus on my side. I have handed my burdens over to Him. Well, I'm handing them over. My human nature is clinging to them as if they were a prized possession but I am giving it all to Him little bits at a time.

Anyway, I wanted to post something to inform you of why I haven't been around or may not be around for a little while still. Although this is totally scatter brained, at least you know why.

I will wrap this up with a quote that helps me to get through tough times

"Don't tell God how big your storm is, tell the storm how big your God is"

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pursue Him

This morning while chatting with a friend about her struggling relationship I came to realize that men and women alike have a great need to be wanted and needed.

This is a truth I have known of most women. We love to be sought after. We have a great need to be desired and appreciated. Looking back over time and really thinking about it, I see this to be true of men as well. It is why respecting a man is so important. They have that need to be needed, just like we do.

All of this got me thinking about how we are created in God's image and how if we as humans have this great desire to be wanted and needed, it must be true of God.

Jer.29:13 says "You will find me, when you seek me with all your heart"

God is asking us to seek after Him, to pursue Him, to want and need Him.

There are so many scriptures that tell us to depend on Him, to follow Him. How could we be so blind as to not see His desire for us to need Him?

Do I want/need God on a daily basis? Yes! Do I show it? No, not always.

As a woman or even just a human for that matter, it hurts deeply not knowing that you are needed. How could I not show a God who laid down His life for me, that I desire to be near Him?

God I need you! I will seek and pursue you daily!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

We Make Cute Kids!

Now the title of this post may sound a little like bragging but... We went and had a 3D Ultrasound done today and well see for yourself. Baby #2 is looking like he may be as cute as his sister.


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